Going full time back into 3D.

As of today I am venturing back into the world of 3D. 3D is what helped me learn photography, the lights, the shades, looking at things from many viewpoints has helped me work in a different way.

It is time for me to create within 3D again, take what I have learnt from art and photography and start creating again.

  • All the editions on this site are available for the first time after a year of creating. maybe it was all created to help with the next creations.

  • Each edition will be a 1/1 or 1/3

  • I am excepting offers on all pieces. after the end of April, any remaining pieces shall be taken of the market.

  • If you are interested in a piece please get in touch.

  • (No information shall be shared with public unless OK with buyer)

  • Each piece has the option of print and high res digital along with the NFT as signature / art piece.

  • After the end of the month this site shall hold my 3D work.

  • After 6 months I shall start creating one to two photographic pieces each month.

In Detail:



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