Welcome to the crowdfund

Covid hit us in many way's and for me was that my work just stoped.

So I went straight into creating, except for a few links, this is the first time I launch my site showing all work created over the last year.

Portrait with Mark Brand , Montana.

Portrait session with dancers, Montreal.

Before this I had worked as a portrait photographer for founders and creators.

My purpose of my new work after the crowdfund is to create new work and push / help open new conversations around art and mental health, part of new funds shall also go towards helping new artists gain exposure.

As a Portrait Photographer I got to see how mental health effected nearly everyone and something that we need to be more open about.

I love to create the art shown and the fact it also has purpose.

The first part of the funds shall go to much needed equipment for me to move forward in my own creations, after this it will start to go towards helping other artists and opening conversations about mental health.

Work shall be available from Friday but any early sales shall help mint new work.

please take a look around the site and get in touch if there is a print you would like.

they are all 1/1 prints unless otherwise mentioned (maximum 1/10) (smaller prints)

all prints can be signed with an nft or be the nft.

More info to follow this Friday.

Some work that will be within the crowdfund:

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