It is not an idea of seeing into the soul but fundamental self



This image is one of around 1000 people that came up for air before going to the next stage, it was 1000 people not against each other but themselves, I would capture the shot just as each person would come up for their first breath (one shot, one person)

This has never changed in my work, I look for,  I question, I ask, I listen and watch until I see that same breath with who is in front of me. the breath can come from their mouth, their eyes or their body.

A moment of stillness, loudness, reflection, openness, vulnerability, strength.

The event below from 2014 was a place not of judgement but of help if you fell. we will come back to this story many times.


Subjects to cover

  • Understanding

  • Defense

  • Anxiety

  • Awesomeness

  • Beauty

  • The fight

  • The dance

  • Perception of self

  • Perception of the situation

  • Allowing to question self and others

  • Allowing to be questioned by self and others

  • Strength

  • Vulnerability

  • Authentic change